Monday, 11 May 2009


I was watching TV yesterday and I had to write down my thoughts about advertising today. Now I understand that the ads are targeted at the general population (I always remember what the late George Carlin said, "Think of an average person. Now think that half of the population is dumber than that!").

With that thought in mind, I find myself sarcastically commenting about the content of the ads. I saw a commercials for bath products that boasted about "organic avacado oils." I thought so what? I am not in the habit of rubbing avocados on myself and how exactly would that get me clean? Would normal vegtable oil do the same thing?

I also see catch phrases being thrown about such as "skin appears firmer." Well is it or not? Two days ago I saw an ad for a wrinkle cream. It said that it contained collegen biospheres (don't get me started) that increase to 8 times their original size. This was supposed imply that they fill in the wrinkles. I had to ask, how do these "biospheres" get into the skin? The skin is rather good at keeping things out (in fact, that is why it is there!). With that in mind, now you have a product that you smear on your face that then sits on the surface of your skin and increases in size. Do I have to mention that they did not say how big the biospheres were? (8 x miniscule = miniscule)

This goes on and I will fill in more in good time. Thanks for reading, if that is anyone is.

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