Sunday, 10 May 2009

First Blog

I was thinking about traveling. Today is the first day that I feel like a human being again after my journey to Florida last week. I have slept the weekend away in an attempt to recoup my rest. Flying on British Airways this time has made me consider my previous thoughts about the company. While living in the USA, I thought that BA was heaven compared to the US airlines, and it still does. However, it only stays a cut above the US airlines because the standards on both have fallen in tandem. I am a silver member of BA, which is supposed to entitle me to certain benefits, namely the ability to select my seat. After a disastrous flight to Miami where I was placed in the middle of a set of 4 seats and next to a rather large gentleman. He was quite polite considering the fact that he took up 2 seats, his own and half of each of the seats along side of him. Myself and my travel partner asked that we be moved as we payed full price for a full seat, not half of one. To avoid this form happening again on my return flight, which was scheduled to be an overnight flight, I called the airline and was told that selecting my seat was basically a waste of my time as they will change the seats at will. I was told that this would only happen in the event that children or  people with medical conditions needed my seat. I completely agree with that but I find it hard to believe that there were 10 people with medical conditions that trumped the condition of my travel partner. Anyway, as you may have guessed, BA will not be seeing me on a flight anytime in the near future.

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